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Short pathways, open exchange, constructive cooperation.

Innovation City Management GmbH has been able to win over a range of large companies as supporters. A strong and steadily growing network of well-known companies has guaranteed the planning and implementation of future-fit projects and initiatives. In the InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City of Bottrop, the project is starting a range of initiatives that the companies have already started in the area of environmental and climate protection. Their know-how and commitment are making an important contribution to transforming the pilot area in a climate-friendly manner.



From the idea to the political initiative.

We maintain a transparent communication with the inter-ministerial working group consisting of 21 members of the competent ministries of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. In direct exchange with the decision-makers in the state, under the auspices of the State Chancellery NRW, we are jointly driving forward projects and initiatives to safeguard North Rhine-Westphalia as an industrial location and steadily increase the quality of life for its citizens.

interministerieller Arbeitskreis


Transfer of new scientific findings.

With the model project InnovationCity Ruhr | The model city of Bottrop represents an ambitious project to reduce climate-damaging CO2 emissions, and which is committed to the process of sustainable urban development. From a scientific point of view, the model project also represents a unique test laboratory and experimental area for the exploration of ways to achieve a climate-friendly and ultimately climate-neutral urban development. The main focus of the accompanying scientific research is to initiate and support the concrete implementation projects. An interdisciplinary scientific advisory board supports, advises and accompanies the Innovation City Management Gesellschaft (ICM) during its implementation of the project. During regular meetings, the scientists discuss the progress of the project together with the ICM and representatives of the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia. At such meetings, loopholes and gaps in research are presented and new projects are then initiated together.

wissenschaftlicher Beirat