From Bottrop, to the entire Ruhr metropolis, and beyond. Innovation City Management GmbH is currently active throughout Germany in around thirty districts where it is involved in the climate-friendly renewal of already existing city districts. Here are some examples.

InnovationCity Ruhr | Modellstadt Bottrop


InnovationCity Ruhr | model city Bottrop

For the first time the world over, a complete urban quarter shall be modernised in the city of Bottrop with around 70,000 inhabitants, 14,474 buildings and 2,463 hectares to meet climate-friendly objectives by the year 2020. The goal of this unique project is to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 50 percent in a defined pilot area while at the same time increasing the quality of life.

InnovationCity Ruhr | model city  Bottrop

20 Quartiere in 17 Ruhrgebietsstädten - der InnovationCity roll out

InnovationCity roll out

The InnovationCity roll out is one of the biggest structural transformation projects around. A total of 20 quarters from 17 cities of the Ruhr metropolis are being analysed and shall be given holistic quarter concepts by 2018, modelled on the Innovation City Ruhr | Model City of Bottrop. Together with the participating partners, ICM is therefore laying a significant foundation stone for climate-friendly urban redevelopment in North Rhine-Westphalia.

InnovationCity roll out

Zukunftsquartier Hochkamp


Stadtwerke Eutin GmbH (SWE)

Creation of an integrated quarter concept for the “Hochkamp” settlement in the city of Eutin (Schleswig-Holstein).

Within this concept, measures are being developed that shall reduce building energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and increase energy efficiency based on an analysis of the starting situation and the selection of a target scenario. The results of the integrated concept provide realistic descriptions of the savings that can be achieved. Using this as a basis, an action plan and timetable shall be drawn up to realise the potentials identified in the city quarter.

Stadtwerke Eutin

Dinslaken Lohberg

City of Dinslaken

Consolidation of the innovative energy concept “CO2-neutral district of Dinslaken-Lohberg” at the quarter level for the town district of Lohberg.

Consolidation of the innovative energy concept which was already prepared in 2014 follows the concept developed and tested in the “Innovation City Ruhr | Model City of Bottrop“ for the holistic and sustainable modernisation of city quarters and for climate-friendly urban redevelopment in existing buildings, and shall create the conditions for the development of the Innovation City | Dinslaken-Lohberg.

Kreativ.Quartier Lohberg

Eltingviertel Essen

InnovationCity Essen | Elting quarter

Creation of an integrated quarter concept for energy-efficient modernisation compliant with KfW programme 432 for the Elting quarter in Essen.

The aim of the project is to create an integrated energy-efficient quarter concept compliant with KfW-funding programme 432. In addition to energy and civil engineering measures, the concept should also address urban planning issues as well as questions regarding holistic and sustainable neighbourhood development.

Zukunftsquartier Nadorst

City of Oldenburg

Creation of an energy concept for the “Nadorst District of the Future”, in the city of Oldenburg.

The aim of the project is to develop a concrete action plan for the short to medium term reduction of CO2 emissions and energy saving in the Käthe-Kollwitz-Straße Hoffkamp neighbourhood. The concept shall create a product to help residential property owners volunteer to implement energy modernisation measures that will help protect the climate, save energy costs and improve the quality of life in the quarter.

City of Oldenburg


City of Kamp-Lintfort

Creation of an integrated quarter concept for the district of Lintfort in the town of Kamp-Lintfort.

The aim of the integrated energy district concept is the development of a concrete action plan to reduce CO2 emissions and save energy in the short- to mid-term. The integrated quarter concept will continue to provide a basis for the implementation of the concept, so that at the same time the area of responsibility for a modernisation manager (quarter and modernising management) can be outlined and defined.

City of Kamp-Lintfort