Quotes about the project

InnovationCity is a “real life laboratory” as to how intelligent and energetic solutions can appear in city areas. Here, the foundations for sustainable mobility, regenerative energy supply and regeneration under suitable climatic conditions are being slowly formed. By means of this, the model project is sending impulses well beyond the borders of the Ruhr region.

Professor Andreas Pinkwart, Minister for Economics, Innovation, Digitalisation and Energy of the German State of North Rhine Westphalia

In Bottrop, the future is already a reality. InnovationCity shows in an impressive way how we must approach construction in order to meet the changing supply of energy. In Bottrop, individual households are changing from being energy consumers to energy generators. This is possible by means of energetic renovation measures and the use of innovative technologies. The North Rhine Westphalia coalition will continue to support the energetic modernisation of buildings. Only by doing so will we be able to meet the climate change targets. Energy efficient construction can be achieved in many ways. For this, we require technological openness.

Ina Scharrenbach, Minister for Home, Communes, Construction and Equality of the German State of North Rhine Westphalia

Bottrop stands not only for innovation, but also for integration.

Former German President Joachim Gauck

The InnovationCity Ruhr is an excellent example of ambitious climate protection. Such projects are of particular importance for North Rhine-Westphalia as an industrial region and as the top energy consuming federal state.

Hannelore Kraft, former Prime Minister of North Rhine Westphalia

The decarbonisation of manufacturing is the greatest current challenge being discussed at the various environmental summits being held between nations. That’s why this example is here in Bottrop, where once again a house can be opened which actually generates more energy than it uses. This is not just of local or regional importance. Such individual projects as the InnovationCity as a whole also have international significance. All climate objectives, whether national or international, have been surpassed in this building through the use of futuristic technology. Far from suffering, the building culture and the design of the building have actually benefited from the changes.

Barbara Hendricks, Federal Minister for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety, at the opening of the COVESTRO Future House

If you fail to think about tomorrow today, you will soon be paying for it in energy costs. Trendsetting projects such as the InnovationCity Ruhr have shown that the energy transition can be achieved if courage and minds are applied with reasonable investment costs.

Karl-Heinz Stawiarski, former Managing Director of the German Heat Pump Association (BWP)

An extension of the InnovationCity to Gladbeck entails considerable benefits for the Gladbeck economy and at the same time represents an important local contribution to climate protection. This is how we are taking the next steps towards ensuring a climate-friendly urban redevelopment.

Ulrich Roland, Mayor of Gladbeck

Being part of InnovationCity is good for Herne, for both its urban development and self-confidence. Again and again we have seen: we are competitive, and we can certainly prevail over the strongest of competition. Put briefly: Herne can do it!

Dr. Frank Dudda, Lord Mayor Herne

By joining the Climate Alliance, we have committed to halving CO2 emissions by 2030. The InnovationCity roll out will help us in this process to achieve this important goal for our downtown area.

Ulrich Scholten, Lord Mayor Mülheim an der Ruhr

The future integrated action concept for the Rotthausen neighbourhood will be continued by the major renewal program for Gelsenkirchen with which will gradually bring our city forward.

Frank Baranowski, Lord Mayor of Gelsenkirchen

We have been committed to climate protection for a long time and have combined both ecological and economic goals in this undertaking. In the InnovationCity roll out, our desire is to bring players together and support both citizens and companies in their actions.

Thomas Hunsteger-Petermann, Lord Mayor of Hamm

We have already started a number of processes over recent years in Westerfilde / Bodelschwingh in particular. With the InnovationCity roll out, a new building block has been added to further enhance the district.

Ullrich Sierau, Mayor of the City of Dortmund

With the InnovationCity roll out, the successful development of the business park, the district park on S & E and the energy-efficient modernisation of the surrounding district shall all reinforce each other.

Fred Toplak, Mayor of Herten

With the help of the InnovationCity approach, Lünen-Süd is to play a pioneering role for a climate-friendly urban redevelopment in Lünen. The implementation not only offers opportunities for communal climate protection, but also for the local economy.

Jürgen Kleine-Frauns, Mayor of Lünen

With the integrated action concept in Meerbeck, we have already set the course for the development of this city quarter. The Innovation City roll out is now deepening the important topics of energy and climate protection so that the quarter can be well equipped for the future.

Christoph Fleischhauer, Mayor of Moers

Energy-efficient modernisation not only means protecting the climate, but also cutting energy costs and increasing the value of the building. We are therefore glad that we are taking this important step with the InnovationCity roll out.

Carsten Wewers, Mayor of Oer-Erkenschwick

We want to be forward-looking and in so doing be environmentally aware. By participating in the InnovationCity roll-out we are promoting energy-efficient modernisation, and particularly in private homes where it impacts on everyday life.

Christoph Tesche, Mayor of Recklinghausen

Using the example of the city of Bottrop, we are learning how we can successfully tackle climate and structural change in urban areas. What happens right here in the Ruhr metropolis will have a flagship effect far beyond the borders of our state.

Former Minister of Science Svenja Schulze at the awarding of the InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City of Bottrop as the “Place of Progress 2014”

The city of Bottrop pursues a broad, holistic concept that bundles many individual projects under the two overarching goals of “climate-friendly urban redevelopment” and “safeguarding industrial locations”. At the same time, the model city is also exemplary, since the comprehensive involvement of players and stakeholders at regional, national and international levels rounds off the project, while at the same time lending the required visibility to address societal challenges as a municipality.

Reason of the jury for awarding the prize of the German CSR Forum – “International Forum for Sustainability and Future-Readiness” 2014

In its explanatory statement, the jury praised the exemplary approach and the process of the InnovationCity Ruhr | Model City of Bottrop. Particularly worthy of mention are the co-operations between industry, science and local craftsmen, energy consultants and architects, which have all made the project so successful. The entire setting of the project has gained international recognition, as no city district of this size has ever been transformed into a climate city of the future and such a place of learning, the jury continued.

Reason of the jury for awarding the special prize of the German Sustainability Award 2013

When we undertook the energy-oriented modernisation of our own house, we already had a number of ideas of our own in addition to many open questions. The initial consultation brought us a big step forward. The energy consultant from InnovationCity Ruhr made an on-site inspection of the condition of our house. He then gave us valuable tips and background information, showed us where we could optimise, and provided information about funding which was available. All in all, we are now starting our modernisation phase with a sense of confidence, because we are already quite certain that we are on the right track.

Marvin Behrendt, Bottroper homeowner and 2,500th consulting customer of InnovationCity Ruhr.

Our customers attach great importance to environmentally friendly production. We are especially proud of our plant no. 3. Thanks to the many energy-related measures, we have managed to do without oil or gas heating and to be largely independent of the power supply from the public electricity grid.

Rainer Schlüter, Managing Director of Müller & Biermann