Supervisory board of ICM

The Supervisory Board of Innovation City Management GmbH is composed of the following members:

Dirk Opalka (Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board)

Managing Director Initiativkreis Ruhr GmbH

Dr. Carsten Gerhardt

Partner A.T. Kearney

Dr. Markus Guthoff

Chief Representative of National-Bank AG

Claudia Goldenbeld

Member of the Management of Vivawest & Vivawest Wohnen GmbH

Hermann Hirschfelder

Chief Councillor of the City of Bottrop

Dr. Christian Jacobi

Managing Director of agiplan GmbH

Markus Masuth

RAG – Montan Immobilien GmbH

Dr. Uli Paetzel

CEO Emschergenossenschaft


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Radtke

Speaker of the University Alliance Metropolis Ruhr


Bernd Tischler

Lord Mayor of the City of Bottrop